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Enoch : Children of fate is a point&click adventure game inspired by the genre classics.

Discover an engaging background

Enoch : Children of fate is a point&click adventure game set in the year 2179. 100 years ago a catastrophic event forced the station managers to use the newly discovered FTL engine to flee from the solar system with the station Enoch and its inhabitants.
Since then they jump from one system to another, fleeing an unknown danger, living as parasites taking the ressource they need to survive in every system they visit.

Be witness to a boiling social conflict between classes aboard the station

Aboard Enoch, the vast majority of the population lives in abject poverty in Cylinder B while a wealthy minority live in an agricultural paradise in cylinder A.

Gorgeous graphism

The world of Enoch is depicted in detail with beautiful pixel art.

Play multiple playable characters each with their own objectives.

In Enoch : Children of fate you take control of six differents characters.
  • Arten Long, a sarcastic criminal investigator struggling with her addictions and her traumatic past.
  • John Nakanaga, A criminal investigator with the heart of a boy scout.
  • Marcus Lavergne, The main murder suspect, head of the Lavergne familly. This wealthy man truly believe in a more equitable society for everyone in Enoch.
  • Trent Lavergne, Marcus' brother and an officer in Cylinder A Milicia. He loves his brother but see him as weak.
  • Alice Kardan, one of the missing teenagers. She tries to escape the strange environement where she woke up.
  • Swan : Real n#^e : A*~@}&& ]&@-|# A c#ld bl@&d"d K\ll*r. [DATA UNAVAILABLE] [CORRUPTED FILE]

Live interrelated and overlapping storylines

Enoch : Children of fate use nonlinear narative, the story is told in out of chronological order (Think Pulp Fiction)
Every chapters you learn more about the plot, the characters and their past.
As the characters struggles to unravel their own mysteries, greater events are set in motion on Enoch.

Fully voiced

The game is fully voiced by professional voice actors.